Starting 100+ merit badges for summer camp! HELP!

We have 24 boys going to summer camp. Let’s say 10 of them are taking swimming merit badge. Is there a way to start those 10 boys without going to each individual scouts profile?

Yes. Go to Achieve> /Record Progress (Bulk). You’ll be able to enter the same award data for a group of participants all at once.

I may be wrong, but that only works if you have actual progress to record. Is there a way to bulk start a MB without adding any progress?

I did a little bit of testing and the answer to your question as far as I could figure out is no, you cannot bulk start the achievement without inputing a date and adding progress. However that still seems like an easier way to do it just wait until they are done with summer camp, Record Progress (Bulk) Swimming, date and add in requirements they all shared, that will automatically add the MB to each of their profiles and mark all of those requirements.