Record Progress "Bulk"

What You Can Do

You just had a den meeting where you worked with five boys to complete four of the requirements for the Citizenship Pin. You could enter the exact same information into TroopTrack five times, or you could use the "Record Progress Bulk" workflow to do it all at once.

How to Get There

The "Record Progress" workflow is available from the Achieve badge drop down menu as shown below:

When you click Record Progress, the following screen will appear. Follow the steps as annotated below:

After you select an award, the requirements for the reward will appear. Check off the requirements you completed in the activity, like this:

Scroll to the bottom and press record progress. 

That's it! Easy as pie.

Question: Did this. For half of the girls, it shows that they are 62% complete (which is correct). For the other half of the girls, it shows 0%; or when you are on a particular girl’s profile, it shows “calculating” still, even 2 weeks later. Did I miss a step or is there a bug?

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Having the same issue here, marked badges as completed and it shows calculating for some girls. I need to create my shopping list and fall awards but badges/awards that are still calculating are missing. Any way to speed this along? It’s been 21+ hours since I entered the badges.

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I can record the earning of a badge for a select number of girls but then have to go in individually to record the “awarded on” date and check the boxes for recognized and purchased. Am I missing something or is there a way to record all of that at the same time for all the girls that earned a certain badge (bulk entry)? It’s quite time consuming to have to go into each girl’s account and edit each badge.

I would find it very helpful to be able to mark multiple badges as awarded, recognized, and purchased all at the same time for both an individual girl and the whole Troop.

You can do this. Just go to Achieve -> Present Awards.

You can do this. Just go to Achieve -> Present Awards.

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Hi Dave,

Please see Amymartin5’s comment above. Can you answer why this might happen? It happens with our den leaders too. They enter the awards using “Record Progress (Bulk)”. Some of the awards show up as entered and appear on the Shopping List. Others do not. Why would there be a discrepency between which awards show up on the shopping list and others that do not? Thanks for your help. Jeff


I had this same experience - a group of girls were Bulk uploaded. When I was done, 4 of them had a % shown, and 4 had “Calculating.”

I had to go to click on each girl’s progress individually and resave in order to make the % show up properly.


I am experiencing the same issue as @mwestcott.

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We have had the “Calculating” problem, too. For some girls, going back to their page individually and resaving it did the trick. For other girls, we noticed that it would do that when they had already earned a badge and the Leader was using bulk entry without checking to see if anyone had done it already. Sometimes it deleted that girl’s previous award, which, obviously, causes quite a bit of confusion.

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Experiencing the same issues as @mwestcott and others in this post. Bulk entry of badge work completions, but then looking at the member data shows “calculating” instead of a percent complete. Usually leaving TT and coming back in fixes this, but not always. In some cases another leader looking on TT will see incomplete data, sometimes it takes days for the completion to be listed as 100%. Very annoying to enter bulk data then have to go in and individually check/complete 20+ scouts at a time.

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I am having the same problem! Have you found a bug or are we forgetting to do something. Have the same issue with having to update girls individually to get the correct percentage complete to show up.

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There really needs to be a pop-up window, or something, for when a Leader goes to do a Bulk Progress entry and includes a girl who has already earned the badge. It completely deletes their old record and gives you that “Calculating” problem. We should not be able to override a record without confirmation.


Thank you!

Cynthia Puckett

Only some of the awards are recorded when they are entered from a calendar event, as well as when entered from the Achievement Bulk Entry.

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If I may propose yet another flaw…We perform a badge requirement in unit, enter in bulk. However, one or more of the girls may have already completed said badge. When you enter in bulk, the date overwrites the existing date entered from original completion. Is there a way to put in a code to ignore and field entry if already filled to prevent this from happening?


I would like the bulk option to include Date Awarded along with Purchased and Recognized toggle boxes. I can do the bulk option but I still have to go into each scout and record the remaining items.

Have you tried Achieve -> Present Awards?

I just looked at Achieve - Present Awards and this seems useless for the items I am trying to toggle. It doesn’t list the activities that segments are awarded for.