Calendar - PopUp Summary vs. Edit PopUp Issue

About a month, TT added a nice PopUp feature to the Calendar…When you click on an Event, the PopUp would show the event details. If you click on the event a 2nd time, THEN the usual Edit/Attendance PopUp would appear UNDERNEATH the new Summary PopUp. However, if the Summary PopUp has too much info to display, then you can NOT see the hidden Edit/Attendance PopUp to click on it. It’s incredibly difficult to get back to the Edit/Attendance PopUp.

Perhaps when you click on the Event entry a 2nd time, you should push the Edit/Attendance PopUp ON TOP of this new Summary PopUp. Or, you could add a feature to the bottom of the Summary PopUp?

Please help make the Edit/Attendance buttons more accessible. Thank you!

@dave I noticed this as well and thought perhaps it was because the feature was being tested but it is still happening. Here are a couple screenshots of what happens when I mouse over the event on my calendar from October 18th. The popup completely covers the calendar, it also jumps in and out a bit and if I keep moving the mouse and clicking eventually I can click to get the popup for Details, Edit etc. For this event it was a multi day and mousing over the second day does not get the popup so I was able to click the name link to get the Details, Edit popup to show. Events with only text and a small amount of it show above the calendar event so you can still click the link. I am using Safari 13.0.3 on a Mac OS X 10.14.6. Chrome 78.0.3904.97 seems to behave, the popup only shows up above the Calendar item.