Selecting Calendar Event should Display Details

When selecting an event from the calendar, my users are complaining about the intermediate dialog box that is displayed:
50 PM

This adds unnecessary navigation steps and breaks back-button functionality.

Please take users immediately to the event details screen, where all of these links already exist in the top menu bar.


Yes, especially for the average parent who clicks on the event and only gets to see one option in their pop-up box “Details & RSVP”. If they could by-pass that window altogether it would be less annoying for the user.


I agree 100%, Please skip this box and progress immediately to event details.

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I agree! Did you know that if your calendar is public and not private, that little pop up box gives the actual details and description for the event. Why would calendars that are public have this and not calendars that are private???

I’ve been thinking about making the same suggestion! I fully support this change.

Agreed. It’s an unnecessary step since these options are already visible on the event detail view.

Plus from a dev standpoint, having the event controls and options only appearing in one place makes it easier to ensure that permissions are working correctly (instead of having to check on two separate pages).