Calendar Sync Woes - April 2021

I utilize the calendar sync option on my phone. As of today my synced calendars have disappeared and the links to re-add them don’t work. A fellow leader is seeing this as well.

Both are iPhones. Anyone else seeing this?

@Keener-Trooptrack, I am seeing the same issue. My iOS calendar subscription items disappeared from my calendar. I removed the subscribed calendar from both my iOS and MacOS devices and then get errors when attempting to add them back again. Getting basically the same nondescript error on both devices.

I removed the subscription from my Google Calendar and added it back, that does work so it seems to be specific to iOS and MacOS, perhaps something Apple changed in their Calendar Subscription requirements.

Hi y’all,

I’m getting this error over to the tech team. I had the same issues when I tried to connect Jim’s calendar to my IOS calendar and when I tried to connect our test troop’s calendar as well.


David Keener

@Keener-Trooptrack Are there other calendar issues going on as well? We have been trying to add/edit calendar events and we keep getting errors or timed out.


Seems like the whole site is having an issue.

Seems like this has been fixed. I was able to add the Calendar back today.

Yes, I just did it a few moments ago. Thank you!