New AHG Badges: TH Canoeing & TH Outdoor Cooking

AHG added two new badges for THs: Canoeing & Outdoor Cooking. They also changed the requirements for the EXs. Where can I send the new requirements so those badges can be added/updated?


Send them to

Sent 6/13. Do you know how long it usually takes to add them?

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It really depends on how busy they are.

@dave Hi! I sent the requirements to the above email almost a month ago…do you have an approximate timeline as to when these updates might be added? Thanks!

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@dave Still waiting for these badges to be added. :slight_smile:

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These badges have been added. Sorry it took so long!


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Our troop has been using the Canoeing (E) record. For some reason, no credit is being added to the completion percentage as requirements are completed. Additionally, when all of the required elements and two of the choice elements are complete, the badge is not automatically completing nor is the completion date auto populating in the Ida Scudder (explorer level) Award.

@dave issues with the ahg canoeing badge.