Can I get an audit report

I need an audit of who changed a leadership record? How do I get that?

Doug Buier

Unfortunately that feature is not available. I seem to remember some discussion on it a while back but don’t remember specifics. Perhaps @dave can weigh in.

Hi @AaronStorey, @DouglassBuier,

I’d love to be able to put this in to our tech team for a feature request, but what would this look like?
For example if someone changed privileges on a member would it send a notification to the account owner, or just whenever the account owner logs in would it show him a notification on his account of “Bob’s privileges have been changed by Steve” or something similar to that?

Sorry for the long wait time on this y’all.
Let me know, Dave is checking my support tickets today for features and bugs.


David Keener

Personally I would not want any notifications but It would be great if there were a report of changes logged to our TT instance. The only way it would be useful for everyone would be if it logged any change made by any person, it would allow us to know who did something wrong, which for training or removal of privileges would be nice. If it were searchable based on an individual Member, Event Changes, Settings Changes, Money Account Changes, etc, it would get complicated very quickly. The more I sit here and think about this the more I realize why Dave was hesitant to implement something like this.
If there is all ready any kind of logging done by the system then if an interface could be made to allow us to access whatever pertained to our Unit, this would allow the more technically inclined to get insight into what is going on in our TT instance. If there is not really any such logging currently then it would be quite a lot to build that out.



That makes sense. I’ll get it over to Dave and see what he says.

Thanks again,

David Keener