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One of my users just reported that a Scout record “disappeared”. It would be ideal to have an activity log or audit log that admins could use to determine what records were changed and who changed them. Understandable that this could get unwieldy - but if it recorded 45-60 days worth and then truncated the log, with an option to export (which I would do monthly if the option was available), that would save space and make it manageable.


This would be good to have as we have had a couple of incidents where we were wondering “who did that?”



Agreed that this would be a plus to have for auditing purposes.


Awesome idea!! This would also be helpful in diagnosing user error issues

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Yes, we would love this too. We allow our parents to input achievements and add service hours, but they do some kooky stuff every once in a while.

Not having some sort of “back up” or “revision history” or something has always made me VERY nervous.


Yes. Agree 100% that this would be super useful, especially since so many people are involved.


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This would be great to have. I’ve had a number of calls from the parent committee where “something has changed and person x no-longer has access to feature y”, or leaders asking why suddenly all members of a den have all electives completed.


+1 for implementing basic auditing logs, even if it was limited to the last X changes to a record.


This would be super helpful! It’d be nice to know if it was a Den Leader or a parent!


This would also be good for the Accounting side of TroopTrack.


Love the idea!!! Count me in!
@WPera- You read my mind, tracking financial transactions would be very helpful as well :slight_smile:


Any update on this from the Troop Track team? Will you consider this idea??

This was requested somewhere else I think. This is a HUGE feature and we’ve put together some milestones to integrate it with the system.

It sounds to me like most people just want a way to see who entered what award and when. I’ve put together a proposal for an optional 2-step authorization process for achievements.