Can we set the site <title> for the troop vs how it reads for Troop Track, LLC?

Can we access the Title for our subsite to updated and have it reflect our specific troop? If so, where do we access that? I don’t see it within the Public Pages section or info about our troop in the “Manage”

The Code is default for Troop Track, LLC and does not contain specific information about our troop specificly. If we use Troop Track as our troops website, Google will want to read the Title when indexing the page and compare it’s content with the content on the page to raise the search ranking. With the current text saying “TroopTrack - Scout Troop Management for the 21st Century” vs the page talking more about our specific troop, the search result will be low resulting in an unfavorable ranking causing perspective scouts to seek a different troop due to a better search results simply because they don’t use the Troop Track site platform.

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