Capture Miles Biked

Is there a way to capture Miles biked?


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Thanks Sam. This would be useful for tracking bike rides for the Ranger Award also.


Is there a way to vote for ideas? I was recording miles biked in TroopMaster, but I have no place to put that in TroopTrack.


Is there any updates on this feature? It’s helpful for both the cycling merit badge and the NOA Cycling awards. Can we please add this tracking feature?

No. And no way for us as users to actually know what’s made the enhancement list :frowning:

There are several things that need to be tracked if you want to work on the National Outdoor Award including miles biked, miles ridden (e.g., horseback), hours of aquatics (not just canoeing or kayaking).

So it would be nice to be able to add a generic quantitative thing to be tracked.

That doesn’t solve certain subtleties in tracking things like miles for the Hiking merit badge which is not just total miles, but specific hikes (ditto for backpacking and cycling), but that’s a different enhancement…

FWIW - I posted a request to add more tracking fields many of which are for NOA inside this post:

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