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Hey Guys,
We are updating TT with older Troop Master Hours. In TM, we captured Canoeing, backpacking, kayaking and bike riding as separate event types with the corresponding miles/days/hours. I notice that TT has canoeing, backpacking and other event types, but does not seem to offer a corresponding field for entering the associated boating miles, backpacking miles or other (biking/boating) miles.

It would be very useful to expand the event types to include Kayaking and Biking (in addition to the current list of Hiking, backpacking canoeing, etc.) and then to provide corresponding field entries for Kayaking hours/miles, biking miles, backpacking miles, etc. (even if it is just a ‘Other’ field that allows data with an hours, miles, or misc. descriptor?
It would also need an expanded Participation Display/Report showing those additional columns (or add One column labeled OTHER and have the numeric entry of that filed be able to carry a descriptor of Miles, Hours, Days from the filed entry of the outside participation quantity.

These additional event types and corresponding quantity fields are needed to track achievement for specific outdoor awards as well as custom troop level awards.


I agree that this would be helpful. I know I’d like to define my own values to track for attendance at events.

I support this request, This is functionality TroopMaster carries (ability to track canoeing and cycling miles) that TroopTrack does not. The weird thing is that the participation book even shows canoeing as if you could track it but you cannot.

Hi @Stevehassenzahl,

You can record Canoeing miles through “Record Attendance”. As for cycling miles and other custom trackers, we are considering it. We have an idea bout how we want to do this, but haven’t quite mapped out the implementation and consequences yet.

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Thanks Matt I didn’t know that. Does it show up under a scout’s participation tab? Would that data be report on a their Board of Review form?

Looking forward to seeing what comes up with cycling as we are about to do a long cycling trip.

By the way, I am being asked about tracking progress against the National Outdoor Awards (NOA). Does TroopTrack support that? I am new to the NOA awards and just don’t know yet.


The event shows up under the scout’s participation tab, but it doesn’t indicate that there were canoeing hours involved (this would be a good place for improvement). I’m not sure if it would be on the Board of Review form. I’m not sure where to look for it.

You do have the ability to go to Manage > Reports > Create Events Report and include canoeing miles there.

We do offer National Outdoor Awards, they should be available to you. If not, check under Manage > Settings > Manage Active Achievements.

If you can’t find a specific one, let me know in a separate post and I’ll add it.


Does TroopTrack automatically update progress towards the National Outdoor Awards and scouts complete certain badges? I know that Troopmaster does this and it is a feature that we miss since making the switch.

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Hi @JonWright,

I don’t think so, but this is the place to request it as an enhancement.


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I’d like to also request this feature. In the BSA, the National Outdoor Awards program requires tracking several things including hours spent in various aquatics programs…

Complete at least 50 hours of any combination of swimming, canoeing, fishing, fly-fishing, kayaking, rowing, scuba, small-boat sailing, stand up paddleboarding, water sports, or whitewater activity under the auspices of the Boy Scouts of America

But there is no way to record this information in TT. Yes, I’m a “convert” from TroopMaster and I love how TT lets my parents get at the records, but I’m really frustrated with the loss of tracking :frowning:

For anything other than rank advancement, the camping, hiking, or canoeing merit badge, my only real option appears to be to keep another set of records someplace.

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Oh, and it would be kind of nice if there was a way to know what items had made it into the actual enhancement queue. While this might be the “place to request it as an enhancement” it would be nice to know it was actually accepted as an enhancement request, even without any promises about priority or completion.

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Just to make the point, I got a Scouting History report from a scout that transferred from a troop that was using TroopWebHost. In that report, I see a whole bunch of other tracking possibilities. Here’s a screenshot from the PDF I got:

I hope that Trooptrack can catch up here with all these tracking types. I believe most of them are for the National Outdoor awards.

My suggestion would be in that each event’s attendance should have some check boxes next to it. The checkboxes would say whether the event should record camping, service hours, conservation hours, hiking, etc. Then only those columns are visible inside the attendance. You can do this selection either at event creation time or when taking attendance. It should make it easier to take attendance as well if you hide all the columns that are not needed. Just a suggestion…


yes, please tracking for the national outdoor awards would be great. I just spent about six hours calculating
it all manually for the boys in our troop.


I see there has been no activity on this topic for over 3 years. I would like to see tracking fields added as discussed in this thread - particularly bicycling miles, but the others mentioned would be good as well.

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I agree I would like to see the ability to track more things ESPECIALLY Cycling miles.
Thanks so much