Adding capability to capture Biking Miles

There have been several requests for this and other tracking fields for NOA awards, etc. I have yet to see any response/reply to them. What is the expectation for replies? What makes an future enhancement list?

Can you please update your advanced event screen to capture additional information we need to track for these awards?



Looking for an understanding on how you respond to requests? I would like to track bike miles in troop track, what can I do in the mean time that isn’t manual outside of troop track?


Is anyone looking at this? Please advise how I can track biking miles in troop track separate from hiking and canoeing?

Typically TT staff waits to see what kind of Community support is created by an Idea posted. Also they are very small and have limited staff to keep up on all of the things posted. Unfortunately your post only got one like initially, with out strong community support it is unlikely an idea would be implemented, especially due to the limited TT Development staff, which is one developer.

Understood, but this is a basic item that should be tracked by activity as it’s used for merit badges and other advancement for scouts, just like hiking miles, service hrs, etc. Should be a simple update as you have fields very similar already.