Why do I get invited to meetings when I create them?

As the manager of our Cub Scout Pack’s account here on Troop Track, I end up putting in almost all the calendar events. Even though I encourage den leaders and others to enter them on their own – I’d rather use Troop Track than wait for people to do it themselves.

So I setup all these calendar events, and even though I’m not on the invite list, and I’m not the event coordinator, my family and I are invited to the events.

Is there any way to turn off this behavior? It’s getting maddening, every time I get an email from TroopTrack events I wonder if I’ve made a mistake and have to go back in to verify…



Do you have a specific event or two I can look at? I wasn’t able to reproduce this. If I create an event and do not invite myself, I do not get emails about the event or have the ability to RSVP for it.

Thank you at looking at this so quickly.

For example, when I’m in the Calendar view, and I filter by clicking on the button for “My Events” or “Events a family member is invited to”,


the calendar still displays events like this one


Shouldn’t that disappear from view?

Here’s an example of an invitation I received almost immediately when creating this event. I’ve double-checked I’m not on the invite list.

It looks to me like anything you create, you will have access to. I thought this might be due to the fact that you are the account owner, but I tested it as a parent and it looks like you will automatically still be able to see events you created. I’m not sure about the invite, though. I’m going to report that one. Unless by chance, one of the scouts who was invited is in your household or has your email address on their account for some reason.

Did you make any changes to the event? My test parent didn’t get an email like you did. Just trying to pinpoint the bug so we can smash it.


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I have not made any changes to the event. I’ve already double-checked that none of my family members show up in the invite list, and that my email address is not in use by any other family.

I understand it is “my event” because I created it, but that means I’m going to continue getting invitations, reminders, etc. about it even though this is a situation where I desperately do not want that. Otherwise I’m going to have to setup a separate account to logon with just to setup events for other people, so I can ignore those emails.

Perhaps it makes sense to remove the event creator from the invites? Otherwise, what’s the point of then specifying a coordinator?

Thank you for your time.