Add another TroopTrack member to Developer Program?

I currently in the Developer program, and use the API in some scripts.

However, “I” don’t want to be the “creator” of the events my script puts on our TroopTrack calendar, since the script is creating events on behalf of other Troop466 TroopTrack members. (for example, my name comes up when an RSVP is full on an event the script has created using my credentials)

I need the ability to set the event’s creator to a member other than me, but there is no way to do that AFAIK.

Additionally and unwanted-ly, I get the event’s email notifications (even though I am not on the invitee list)… which seems to make sense to me – as the “creator of the event”. However, the invitee list is changeable, but the creator is not.

Since I can’t find another way, I’ve created the fake TroopTrack user AutomationXXX so that I can “86” the email notifications.

Please give the account AutomationXXX the ability to use the Developer API as I am able to now.

Thank you so much for you continued support!