Change TT email

I need to change the email address in TT - the AHG Troop has a troop email address now and we want all communication from TT to go to that email account.
Where can I go to change that email address.

Thank you,
Dawn Bauer
Troop 0913MN

If you wish for a certain email address to be the point of contact for TroopTrack and where you get renewal notices, etc., you need to make that the primary email address of the account owner OR create a generic “admin” account with that email address listed as the primary email address. Otherwise, it will go to whoever is the account owner.

Thank you for the above direction, but can NOT FIND WHERE the address can be changed.

Where do I go to change the information for the primary email address? What tab?

Thank you,

Dawn Bauer

That is done on the “member info” tab of whoever you have designated as the account owner. See the screenshot below. Where it is circled in red, select the edit button and change the email address. If the “edit” option doesn’t appear for you, it’s because you don’t have sufficient privileges and will need to reach out to someone with more privileges to either add said privilege to your account or get them to do it.

As mentioned above, the emails will go to whoever is specified as the account owner, so it will go to whatever email address is listed as that person’s primary email address. If you don’t want it to go to a specific individual or don’t want to list a troop email address as a person’s primary email address, you would need to create a generic admin profile, make it the owner, and enter the troop email as the primary email address for that “fake” account.