Creating Custom Mailing Lists - 2023

Hello! I have been attempting to create a custom mailing list following the instructions here and the user guides…but no luck. Does this feature still exist?

The feature still exists, I was able to create one just now. What process are you following? Are you an admin of your TT account, you have all privileges?

Go to the Gear Menu - Edit Troop (or Pack, Crew, Unit) Settings - TroopTrack Settings
Under General Settings do you have “Use dynamic meeting invitations…” if so is it on or off?
What items show up and are on under Basic and Advanced Email Settings?

Thank you so much for this response. I am an admin for the account, in fact I am the one who set up my troop’s account and I have been giving other’s privileges. I have checked several times and I appear to have all available permissions/privileges, unless there are hidden permission boxes.

I attempted to do what you are suggesting and I do not see dynamic meeting invitations.

Gear Menu > Edit Troop Settings > TroopTrack Settings

Here are the items under Basic:

  • Use TroopTrack to send emails to your members? This does not affect automated emails like event reminders or newsletters.

  • Restrict emails

  • Copy parents on all scout emails

  • Reply to
    Here are the items under advanced:

  • Advanced Email Settings. To learn more about these features, check out the TroopTrack community

  • Subdomain Emails. Turning on this feature will allow all your mailing lists and inboxes to use your TroopTrack subdomain as part of your email address, like this:

  • Inboxes: Want an email address that sends messages to a position or group of people? For example if you would like a generic email address for your treasurer so that you can change treasurers without everyone updating their contact books.
    Thanks for any insights.

That is good you are the main admin, no there are no hidden permissions, just never sure who is posting so sometimes it ends up being as simple as a permissions issue.

Newer accounts don’t have an option to disable Dynamic Meeting Invitations so I knew that might not be there.

Are all of the Basic and Advanced settings enabled? I want to test from my group but want to make sure the settings are the same to see if that changes anything.

Thanks Aaron. I just went into settings and enabled all of the basic and advanced options, including “restrict emails.” -Karen

I was still able to create a Custom Mailing list with the same settings as your unit. Try it again since you made changes to the settings.

Are you able to see this screen grab that shows my options on the customer mailing lists page?

Yes I see the screen grab, that is interesting, I believe Dave was working toward Mailboxes being the newer version of Custom Mailing Lists, can you create a new Mailbox? Communicate, Mailboxes, New Mailbox.

I am able to create a new mailbox:

(Back from OA induction, and I am trying to create an email that goes just to new OA Ordeals - this is where my questions about custom mailing lists started).



I figured it out.

Instead of going to the manage privilege option through the dropdowns, I went to my profile and looked at my privileges. I reselected ALL options and there were indeed a few privileges in mailing that were missing!!!

I am sorry to send you on a wild goose chase but it is now working.

Thank you so much for helping me troubleshoot this, as it gave me some ideas of other things we want to do.