Changing dates on calendar items

When I move the start date of a calendar item and nothing else, it would be great if the end date were automatically updated. That way I don’t have to enter the date twice just to move the event.


I think there is an existing idea very similar to this. Either way I’m in favor.

Along these lines… (A different issue, but probably nearby code…)

After specifying the START time of a new event, it’d be great if the END time was automatically adjusted to somewhere in the same ballpark: Maybe a new event’s End time could initially default to the event’s Start Time, allowing for the user to then easily revise it to the real End time.

This would be especially handy when keying in an event that is several months out.

Thanks !


My personal google calendar assumes that anything ends 60 minutes after it starts, that is often but not always true, but is better than the current method.