Event creation forces 2 hour duration

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Start from the Calendar
  2. Click a date
  3. Update the start time to 2pm
  4. Notice the end time defaults to 4pm
  5. Try to adjust end time to 3:30pm using calendar/time widget

Expected Results:

  • I should be able to create a meeting less than 2 hours in duration using the widget

Actual Results:

  • The time section on the calendar widget doesn’t let me reduce an event time below 2 hours


  • I can manually set the time using the text box
  • If I start from Plan > Plan an Event, the duration defaults to 1 hour. I can set it to 1:30, but I’m unable to go down to a 30 minute event.

Hi @kfavro ,

I was able to re-create this issue, and am getting it over to our tech team.


David Keener