Event creation forces 2 hour duration

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Start from the Calendar
  2. Click a date
  3. Update the start time to 2pm
  4. Notice the end time defaults to 4pm
  5. Try to adjust end time to 3:30pm using calendar/time widget

Expected Results:

  • I should be able to create a meeting less than 2 hours in duration using the widget

Actual Results:

  • The time section on the calendar widget doesn’t let me reduce an event time below 2 hours


  • I can manually set the time using the text box
  • If I start from Plan > Plan an Event, the duration defaults to 1 hour. I can set it to 1:30, but I’m unable to go down to a 30 minute event.

Hi @kfavro ,

I was able to re-create this issue, and am getting it over to our tech team.


David Keener

Hi @kfavro,

Our tech team has fixed this issue. When clicking on the calendar and setting an event to 2pm it won’t adjust automatically to 4pm and it’ll let you end the event sooner.


David Keener

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