Clarify wording in 2020 Sacagawea Level Award

Hi @dave,

Can you update the Sacagawea “Troop or community event” requirement so that it says “Help setup a Troop or community event”? Otherwise I think it could become confused with the requirement to attend a social event.

And could you change the “Events” heading to “Social events attended”? Or something similar?

Also, do you know if the “Faith Award programming” category is part of the 6 badges required? There is not a clear distinction between them in the list of reqs displayed in TroopTrack.

Thank you!


I have made the requirement title changes that you suggested to make the requirements a bit more clear.

I am not sure if the Faith Award programming is part of the 6 badges required. I would need a copy of the requirements. Could you maybe send something over and I could take a look.