Girl Scout Awards

New to troop track and trying to set up all my stuff for my GS SU & Troop. It is very obvious that Troop Track was originally design for and best facilitates Boy Scouts. There are a large number of GS Awards and such that I have no way to track in this system,( or that are oddly placed and can’t be found?) I am starting this thread to keep track of them as I find them


Senior Service to Scouting Bar
Senior Community Service Bar
Senior Silver & Gold Torch
Senior Counselor In Training Pin
Senior Volunteer In Training Pin

April Showers bar (all levels)
April Showers patch (all levels)

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Hi there! Can you send me links to the requirements for these awards? And what category award would these belong?

We worked on this quite a bit and Cadettes are mostly fixed but there are still a few badges out of place and there are several areas in TT where the sorting order is inconsistent. It would be SUPER helpful if the awards for GS were all sorted by AGE LEVEL and not alphabetically:


Within these levels, each should have the following sections:

  • Badges (Daisy petals & leaves / badges for all other levels)
  • Journey Awards (Journeys & Journey summit pins)
  • Special Opportunity Awards (cookie pins, faith awards, safety award, World Thinking Day & Global Action awards)
  • Membership & Bridging (stars, bridging arcs)
  • National Leadership Awards (Community & GS service pins, Program Aide pin, Leadership in Action award, torch award, bronze/silver/gold awards)
  • Other/Council Own (all user created/custom awards should be listed here)

This would help us all find the badges quickly. I do note that you have duplications of some awards in multiple sections already. If you can email me the menu item lists for each level, I would be happy to sort these properly for you. I think ALL GS users would appreciate a bit of a cleanup of these fields!


Actually, it was pretty quick & easy to do - here you go!
GS badges & awards by level

You’re welcome!

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Note: this is not an official GSUSA bar/patch and should be listed under Custom Award/Other[quote=“pixie_bit, post:3, topic:902, full:true”]
April Showers bar (all levels)April Showers patch (all levels)

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Hi Karen! I will get started on this tomorrow! Thanks so much for your help!

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@karengottlieb Can you call the office today at 817-550-6844 before 5pm central? I have a few questions.

@pixie_bit @karengottlieb Please check out the changes and additions to the Girl Scout Awards. I worked on this almost all day today. I do still have questions, if you can please call me, Karen, next week in the late afternoons, or email me revisions to Thanks! I hope you like the changes. I do not have the capability to arrange the award categories in order of level, but I will put it on the developer to-do list :slight_smile:

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Here is the messed up dropdown that needs correcting - a hot mess when I try to find an award, as there is no rhyme or reason to the sorting order.

Also, Brownie Badge is an empty category but Brownie Badges is correct and all the way at the bottom.
Retired badges should be removed since no one should be working on these any more.

It would also be awesome if you could look for incomplete badges by a group of girls, like a Bulk entry transaction where you choose the kids then click “view incomplete badges” to see what they all have in common as for missing requirements. That way you can schedule an event or activity to help them complete it. :slight_smile:

I say keep the retired badges on there. We are absolutely allowed to still work on them, and our Girl Scouts still earn the awards. Once an official award from GSUSA, always an official award. The only challenge for some leaders will be finding the retired badges, but there are many resources available to make that possible.

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Hi. I am a new user and have some suggestions on the GS badges as well. I’ve started a list for the Brownies. Is there anyone I can forward this to? I think with a few modifications this could be a really robust tool for Girl Scout leaders.


Hi Pricilla @alsweethome,

You can email me at and I would be happy to work on the Girl Scout badges.


Just as an FYI, you are missing the NEW Outdoor Art badges for all GS levels…these just came out a month or so ago, and they are available as PDF files for free download on the GSUSA website. :slight_smile:

On a sad note, the Cadettes section in the Record Achievements window still shows Animal Helpers under “Other” instead of with the rest of the Cadette Badges. :confused:

Thanks @karengottlieb

I will work on getting those into the system! And I will check on why the Animal Helpers is out of place still. Thanks so much for your help.

I have been looking on the GS website and I cannot find the free PDF files. Can you send me a link?

Dave is going to look into the Animal Helpers badge. :slight_smile: