Coming Soon: Email confirmations (11/19/2015)

Do you ever send a message to a TroopTrack Mailing List and wonder about any of the following:
- which members did it actually go to?
- what email addresses was it sent to?
- who didn't get it?

Yeah, me too. That's why, sometime in the next week, we are going to release an email confirmation feature. When you use a mailing list, we will shoot an email back to you, like the one show below. Now you will know who it was sent to, who it wasn't sent to, and why. Yay!

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HI, Just wondering if there is a way of opting out of getting the confirmations and opting out of getting emails cc’d to you if you are the sender and you are part of the distribution list.
I like getting the confirmations, but some of our leaders feels it clutters their inbox.

Not currently. Can you post it in ideas please and let’s see how others feel?

~ Dave