Email confirmation, but recipient not actually getting the message

I have (at least) one user who has stopped getting email and we can’t figure out why.

They have an email. They’ve checked their junk folder. According to TT, they had reported TT email as spam. I’ve cleared that. But…

First, I was getting the confirmation in spite of the status in TT that says they’d reported TT email as spam. I’m not sure if TT was really sending the email. I’m assuming not, otherwise it makes no sense that I would be able to clear the spam report and have an effect. Second, if I’m wrong on that, then TT is trying to tell me that AOL now things TT mail is spam and the user is going to have to do something.

I’m reluctant to categorize this as a bug since it’s not clear what’s happening under the hood. If TT is really not sending the mail when it says the user has report TT mail as spam, then that’s a bug. It should tell me not sent. If AOL is bouncing the mail as spam, it would be good to get some report to that effect. Of course, it it’s silently dropping it, then there’s nothing you can do.


Unfortunately, I cannot check on this because there are 23 users in your troop with aol. Can you please give me a first name or something to narrow it down?

Thank you.


However, she is getting messages now after i removed the spam report and
she explicitly added TroopTrack to her address book.

Hopefully there is something in your mail logs.

When a user marks a TroopTrack email as spam, we stop sending emails automatically until that report is removed. The records show that we didn’t send emails because we were marked as spam and then the report was removed and things are working as they should.

There are many users that do not wish to receive emails from TroopTrack. Creating a feature to alert users of dropped emails would be expensive and annoying to many users.

Right now just keep up with your communication problems page and ask your users to not mark TroopTrack emails as spam. This hurts our email server reputation and makes it difficult for all users to send emails and repeated offense could result in account suspension.

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I understand. However, sending me a confirmation that an email was sent
when it was in fact not is misleading. I consider that a bug. TT claimed
something was true when it was patently false. That results in wasted time
trying to find the cause. There was no reason for me to check the
communications problems page when I’m getting confirmation that emails are
being sent. You might want to consider something clearly optional for users
to opt out of email rather than just spam reporting.


I have had instances of this happening as well in the last 2 weeks. The first time was 2 weeks ago (2/2/17) and again today (2/16/17). I sent a message, got 2 copies of my own message (not sure why), and a confirmation email that my message was sent. I checked the box for the explorer magic mailing list.

A week after my first message, a fellow troop mom said that she did not receive my first message, and this evening said she hadn’t received the one I sent out today.

Can you please look into this? Thank you!

Hi, Just checking in on this. Did the new email editor update fix this issue? Thanks!

Hi @mwestcott,

It sounds like that mom may have marked a TroopTrack email as spam. TroopTrack automatically stops sending emails if they do that. Please check Communicate > Communication Problems for spam reports. If nothing is there, I will need more information (like a name or something) to check.

I(we) have had the same issues.
They appear to be AOL domain specific.

Here’s the ‘FIX’ we use.

Send one email from TT with TT Magic account to yourself, getting the valid email address of where it came from, give that email to the AOL’er, and have them send an email OUT from their AOL account.

That’s it.

For whatever reason, AOL does NOT use the standard RBL, SpamAssassin, or X-headers that most other email providers use.

If an AOL recipient sends just 1 email to the address in question, even if they do or do not add it their local ‘is it spam’ filter AOL will unblock it from their AOL specific RBL.

Be safer tho… add it to the Not Spam list anyway.


I just checked Communication Problems and there is no spam report. Her ID is 415972. Thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion, Donald. This isn’t an aol issue, so I am not sure what to do next. Thanks!

Hi @mwestcott,

It appears there is no activity for that user through TroopTrack at all recently. That means either the email address is incorrect or she’s not on the list you think she is. You may try sending one directly to that email address, but also confirm that it is correct.

Thank you.

This person was able to receive email from our Troop Coordinator through TT, and I confirmed that she is using the same email address. I sent a message to the Explorers this evening, and she confirmed that she did not receive it.

But. I noticed something else this evening when I sent that message out through TT, and I wonder if this is part of the problem:

I selected the magic mailing list. Under Communicate > Magic Mailing Lists, it says there are 15 recipients (3 adult leaders, 12 girls when I click on Details).

But the automatic Email Delivery Confirmation message that I got from TT only lists 3 email addresses as recipients (the 3 adult leaders).

Do you think this is related?

It may be related. I’ll see what the developers say.

Thanks! Any update yet?

Haven’t heard anything yet.

Thanks for the update. It is still happening. I just sent a message to the Explorers, and the only email addresses listed in my email confirmation message were were the squad leaders.