Show Sub-List or Mailing List identifiers in sent and received emails

This is a repeat of an enhancement request made to @Matt Sullivan in January 2017.

Lack of Sub-List or Mailing List identifiers in received emails
When emails are received from the TroopTrack system there is no indication which sub-list or email list the email was sent to to or which sub-list or mailing list replies will go to. Recipients are blind to who is receiving the email or who they are replying to until after the fact if we reply-all to a trooptrack email.

The problem with this is there is no visibility on the receiver side regarding the sub-list that is being communicated with. TroopTrack labels everything with the same list name. When messages are received we have no idea whether it’s through the ASM list, the Patrol X list, the X list or to the whole troop list.

When I’m the sender of a email I receive a second email titled “Email delivery confirmation” showing me the list of recipients, but when I receive an email I have no idea which sub-list / mailing list the email was from or where replies will go.

Even the “Email delivery confirmation” is only momentarily helpful because when returning later to the sent email (and any replies to it) there is no record in the email itself about who is on the conversation.