Confirmation for events via text

I saw this was a topic that went off base back in 2017. Is there any hope to being able to text confirm yes or no to events? We talked about this between multiple troops recently and most scouts even at the point of eagle are not regularly using email. Can we get a feature as y’all already set up in email? It would still be the parents option on their user setting to opt in to text or not with the warning it may occur fees.

Interesting idea, I know there is a character limit on Text messages, I would think that would make it very difficult for something like this to be accomplished.

Could simply be the date and subject line put in for the event…ie (March 23, 2019 Sterns camp). Plenty of room😁

What I would like to see is the ability to get replies to text messages as well as RSVP.

I know TT uses an E-Mail to text system, @dave is this even something that might be possible with that system to have something coded to select the reply e-mail or, phone of the person sending the message or a Setting for the whole group of a reply e-mail or phone number? I suppose e-mail would be safer as there would not be the added carrier requirement. Also for the OP’s idea about Confirmations via text would this even be technically possible? I realize there would be a ton of coding to do in order to keep within the 160 character Text limit.
@PhillipKivel, that does seem like it would be short but you then have to keep in mind that a URL for the Confirmation is also characters, if you have Going, Not Going for just one person that is two long URL’s, in order for those Going, Not Going URLs to work there has to be a custom token string attached, copy and paste one of those into a text editor, just one link is over 160 characters.