Copy of API useage agreement?

Does anyone here have a copy of the agreement that we had to sign in order to use the API?
I can’t seem to find my copy.


Here’s a copy of the agreement as of 25 Oct 2018:

Developer Program Terms &am> p; Conditions (BETA)

This is an early version of our Terms & Conditions (T&C). They will most likely change and include more legal-ese as we progress through the BETA of the developer program.

By joining the developer program, you agree and acknowledge that:

  • Your use of the TroopTrack Application Programming Interface (API) & Single Sign On service (SSO) will be governed by these terms & conditions.
  • Your access to the API and SSO may be terminated for violating the T&C.
  • We may need to change the T&C in the future and that failing to accept changes to the T&C within 30 days from the announcement of the change will result in the termination of your access to the API & SSO.
  • You will not use the API or SSO to create a product that competes directly with, TroopTrack Mobile, or any other TroopTrack product.
  • Access to the API & SSO is available only to paid TroopTrack customers. If the unit you are a member of stops using TroopTrack for any reason, products you have built using the API & SSO will no longer function.
  • You will not use the API & SSO in a production product, either commercial or open-source, without first scheduling a demonstration with TroopTrack staff and obtaining a formal release approval.
  • You will not use the API & SSO to do anything that is considered illegal in the United States of America, the State of Texas, or the states in which your users reside.
  • Release of commercial products may require signing a license agreement with TroopTrack LLC that may involve paying license fees or revenue shares to TroopTrack LLC.