The TroopTrack Developer Program BETA is now LIVE and more! (10/15/2015)

The moment many of you have been waiting for is finally here...

The TroopTrack Developer Program BETA is now LIVE. You can join the program by logging in to TroopTrack, clicking on your name in the top header, and clicking "Developer Program". Once your membership is approved you will have access to our Application Programming Interface and Single Sign-On Solution. We look forward to seeing what you do with it! 

Along with the launch of the developer program, we have also made a few other changes:

1) If you use PayPal for event payments and money account deposits but don't provide the email address of the PayPal account of your unit you will get an even more noticeable warning AND we will prevent your users from making payments with PayPal.

2) People keep asking us how to reorder web pages. This is a feature we have had for a really long time, but access to it has been in a really stupid location. It is now available in the left side menu of web pages.

3) We've added marketing pages to our main site for people to learn more about our developer program, regional tools, and national solutions.

4) We've fixed a spelling error on our home page (Committe)

5) There are only 21 Eagle merit badges, not 22. 

6) We removed deleted money accounts from the dashboard.

Have a great afternoon!


I’m surprised by how few API calls are available… Is this list going to grow?

If I use /api/v1/users, I’m not seeing the user’s entry for “Notes”? In fact, while there is only a sub-set of user data that can be queried about a user, even less is available for setting.

I would also like to have access to calendar items via the API.

This is a great start and I’m looking forward to seeing many many more API calls!


Hi @Eoin. The current list of endpoints was created based on the needs of the mobile app. It will expand as more people request other endpoints.

You can currently get calendar items via the API here:!/events