Create Custom Award Issue

Hi there,

We went to create a custom award but we can’t get to the screen that allows us to put in the actual requirements. We tried saving it and going back in to edit it and it just returns us to the saved page. Is there a bug that I’ve missed?

Are you part of a Crew, there is some kind of issue with Custom Awards specific to Crews.

Since I’m not sure what a Crew is… I don’t think so?

It’s a type of BSA Unit, Venturing Crew. It seemed as though perhaps the problem was specific to them but perhaps not. Are you also getting a Page Doesn’t Exist error when creating the custom award?

No, we are AHG. This is what we get when we go to edit. The word Requirements is there, but there is no way to add them. We don’t get errors at all though.

When we hit Save, it looks like it saves the basic information, but there is no way to add or edit requirements.

Hello @SRUEDU,

There seems to be something going on with your requirements. Here is how the award should appear when editing:

This shows the editable requirements for the achievement on the right hand side.

Was this ASL AHG… achievement just made? I clicked into it and I am seeing the same as you. There seems to be a problem specifically with that achievements requirements. If the achievement was just made, I would suggest making a new one and once everything is copied over, just delete this dtysfunctioning one. I just tested and I am able to create a new award with requirements.


We’ll try that and see if we can get it it to work. Custom awards was working for us just fine a couple of weeks ago when we entered something else. Maybe that will fix it. If it doesn’t, I’ll let you know.



I was able to talk to our tech team about this. Troops are not able to edit custom award requirements once an award has been created. This is because once an award is live and a scout has earned that award, editing the award will change it for even those who have earned it. For example if you change the requirements from 4 to 5 the the scouts that have already earned will show as incomplete now.

For this reason our tech team suggests making a new version of the award instead of editing the existing award. So in your case it would be “ASL AHG v2” or “ASL AHG 2020”.

Let me know if you have any questions about it all.


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I think I knew that part, we just couldn’t get to the screen to add any requirements to the award when it was created. Our goal is to delete that one and create a new one. After we get through our Drive-Through Court of Awards on Monday. :smirk:

Let me or anyone at know if you hit any problems. Thanks!