SOLVED: Cannot edit requirements of custom award

After initially creating a custom award, you cannot go and add or remove any requirements. You must create all the requirements at the beginning. You can edit the title or description of existing requirements, however you cannot add a new requirement after the fact.

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We are aware of this bug and there is an existing ticket for it.

Thank you.

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Any ETA on when this will be implemented? Specifically the ability to edit the “Number of Requirements” field after the Custom Award has been created.

As far as I know, this feature is intentional. Once an award is created, deleting or adding requirements will mess up the tracking for those it has already been added for. If it was incorrectly added, you will need to create an updated/corrected version. If you have additional questions or concerns, you can send us an email at :slight_smile:

Kelsie is correct. I know this isn’t great, but adding new requirements to an award that users have already started is quite tricky technically. It’s better to just create a new custom award.