Creating a Custom Award

What Are Custom Awards?

TroopTrack upkeeps all nationally recognized awards. For any troop or local award, you can create custom awards. These awards are just for your troop or pack that you can award to any member of your unit. This is a great way to help your scouting unit develop it's own unique sense of personality and to encourage participation.

If you find yourself using the custom awards feature to create officially recognized awards that are missing from TroopTrack, please open a support ticket instead and we will add the awards ASAP.

How to Get There

To Create a Custom Award, you will need to go through the "Settings ⚙" menu item, then select "Custom Award" option as shown below:

How It Works

Once you are on the Custom Award page, you will see a list of all your troop-specific custom awards. To create a new Custom Award click "Create a Custom Award", which will then take you to this screen:

Fill out the form and click "Save". Once the form is saved, you will be able to proceed to the next step, entering the individual requirements, like this:

When you are finished filling out the requirements, be sure to check the "Ready for use?" checkbox. That will make it live within your troop. Then click "Save" to save the award. Click "All Custom Awards" again to take you back to your list of Custom Awards. You will now see the award you created under your list of custom awards. Return here to add other awards.

Using a Custom Award

Custom awards work just like any other award. You can add them using the "Record Progress" workflow, as shown below:


Managing your Custom Awards

You can always edit or even delete custom awards that you've already created. To get the manage custom awards screen, click "Settings ⚙" menu item, then select "Custom Award" option as shown below:


Once you're on this page, you'll see a list of all your troop's custom awards, with options to edit, delete, or just see each one individually.


Editing a Custom Award

Groups are not able to edit custom award requirements once an award has been created. This is because once an award is live and a scout or member has earned that award, editing the award will change it for even those who have earned it. For example if you change the requirements from 4 requirements to now have 5 requirements, then the scouts that have already earned the award will show as incomplete now.

So instead of editing an award TroopTrack suggests making a new version of the award. An example of this would be “ASL AHG Award v2” or “ASL AHG Award 2020”.

When do you anticipate Trail Life units being able to create custom awards? This functionality is currently broken for us.

Is it broken or just not available? I can’t remember off the top of my head if we turned that off or if it’s just messed up.

The functionality is there but when you try and actually create it you get an error message. I would like to be able to track leaves and was going to create a custom award since it’s not built into the standard awards available. Alas, 'tis impossible it seems. :frowning:

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Okay, let’s add it as a new topic in the bug category - would you mind doing that?

How do you delete a custom award?

Hi @KelsieC ,

Do you know how to delete custom awards? I have a test one that I am done with, but can’t find a handy red X nearby.


I don’t have all of those items on my Settings menu. All I have is “TroopTrack Subscription.” Neither does our Troop Shepherd, a board member, so it’s not a permissions issue; she has all the permissions turned on. How can we open up this menu?

Hi @LisaWoody,

It is a permissions issue. You will need the permission of “manage Troop settings” which I’ve given to you. You should now see more things under the gear icon. If your troop leaders don’t have this then here’s how you can change their privileges in order to give them that privilege.


David Keener

We are having the same issue. As the Advancement Chair, could you please allow me access to that create a custom award? I have asked our Troop Coordinator and she also doesn’t seem to have this access. Thank you.