Custom Mailing List Issues

We noticed something yesterday in TT with the Mailing Lists and we haven’t been able to figure it out. We have our Magic Mailing Lists that TT automatically creates and then our Custom Lists. NO one can edit our Custom Lists or create new ones. For things like our Girl Leadership Lists that need to be edited and updated every few months, this is a challenge. Is this a bug or are these no longer features? I have all the TT privileges out there as well as our board members and none of us can do anything but use the current custom lists or download the contact cards.


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Same issue. Cannot add or remove scouts from existing Custom lists.

Hi y’all,

You’ll need to add the privilege of “manage mailing lists”. This can be done by clicking your username, then “your profile” and clicking the “privileges” tab. After that you can click "edit privileges and add the manage mailing list privilege.


David Keener

Are those new privileges? Because when I went in to our Privileges to check, those weren’t even options when I posted the original question. They are there now and we’ve updated things, I’ll let you know if we have any issues. It was just weird b/c that one and about 5 others just appeared and weren’t options before then.


Yes, there were several new privileges added over the last several months.

Manage Mailing Lists still not working for me. I can create, but cannot edit.

I had the same issue a month ago and it was a privilege problem too.