Custom mailing list privileges

I understand that a user needs to be given access to “manage troop members” in order to have the ability to set up custom mailing lists. I ran across a post from 2015 that said “Mailbox creation and deletion is now limited to users with the manage users privilege (this is the same privilege needed for all mailing lists - we will create a privilege specifically for mailing lists soon).” And I saw a poll in early 2018 that seemed to indicate that privileges was a new development area.

Is there a way to grant privileges to create new custom mailing lists without giving access to manage troop members? We’d like to be able to allow some adult and scout leaders the ability to create new mailing lists but don’t want them to have the ability to add and delete scouts.

I did some testing and as you said the only time my test user was able to create custom mailing lists was when I added the permission to manage troop members. I would suggest changing this to a #new-ideas, that way if others are also interested in the same thing perhaps TT can implement it in the future.

Thanks for your reply. There was already a poll taken by TT in early 2018 and updates/new development to privileges function received the most votes (Request for Feedback). I guess the question I’m asking is whether those types of changes are being planned or implemented, since this seems to be something for which TT has already solicited and received feedback. And, also, they said in 2015 that they were going to do it (Bug fixes (10/08/2015)). I was hoping someone from the TT development team could give some insight to where they are with that. But maybe I should be asking them directly somehow? I thought this was the way to do that, but maybe I"m in the wrong place?