Date of last merit badge or rank requirement


Is there a way in the tool to not only view the percent completed in the rank but also the date or last activity or task in the rank was completed. Same for Merit Badge requirements.

I am trying to find a report that shows scouts that are taking their time in between finishing a requirement in the rank or on partial merit badges. In order to have reviews with scouts to see if they are having issues with a merit badge or requirements.

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Hi @randolph.terrell,

I may not be fully understanding this, so let me know.

You want to know when a scout last worked on a requirement in an achievement or merit badge?

The best way to do this might be to go to Achieve > Merit Badge Book and click the “Partials” filter. It will show you everything that has been started or added, but not completed. You can narrow it down further by scout or by merit badge if you need to.


What I am looking for is a date of last activity or date of last thing completed and if it was a partial or fully completed item. So if I have a Scouts that has not finished anything at all within the past two years that maybe I need to have a conversation with them about their goals in scouts.

I am more interested in merit badges and rank requirements than campouts or meeting attendance, though that is important too. Want to try to pick out scouts who might be struggling or needing help.

I hope this helps clarify.

Hi @randolph.terrell,

You can go to each user’s profile and view the dates on their achievements to find out the last date they worked on something.

As far as a report that can tell you that, I’m afraid we don’t offer something like that at this time.