Deactivated Users Remain RSVP'd to Future Events - Included on "Coming" List - Cannot un-RSVP

The Setup:

There is an event to which All Scouts are invited with open RSVP.
Test Scout is set RSVP:Yes to the event.
Test Scout is deactivated.
Test Scout’s name continues to appear on the /plan/events/XXX screen under “Coming” and is added to the calculation under “XX Youth Going.”
Test Scout does NOT appear on the /plan/attendance_records/XXX/edit screen and cannot be un-RSVP’d.
Test Scout is reactivated.
Test Scout DOES appear on the /plan/attendance_records/XXX/edit screen and CAN be un-RSVP’d.

The Problem:

We relied on the “XX Youth Going” to calculate how many seats at summer camp we needed, but it contained a Scout who had left the Troop and had been deactivated. There is no way to un-RSVP the deactivated Scout without first reactivating the Scout.

The Solution:

I do not know.

It appears it may be a bug in the way the /plan/events/XXX screen shows the “Coming” list. The fact that the deactivated Scout does not appear on the Attendance screen (/plan/attendance_records/XXX/edit) suggests that deactivated members are supposed to be masked. However, the “Coming” list continues to show them. It is at least inconsistent. Note: Deactivated users do not appear on the “No Response” list.

I understand why it may not be desirable to un-RSVP deactivated users in case they are reactivated and the desire is to have them restored to the same condition they were in when deactivated. If the solution is to just mask them and remove them from all references, then the “Coming” list should be corrected to mask out the deactivated members.

If they cannot be masked out, can they be added differently? “XX Youth” and “XX Deactivated Youth”? Can their names be in red to indicate a deactivated member?

My final suggestion is to offer at the time of deactivation to revoke the RSVP for all future events.