Impact of Deactivate User (How Do I remove someone from Troop?)

We have 2 Scouts and a parent that need to be removed from the troop. I’m inferring this is essentially DEACTIVATE. Unfortunately, I don’t find the specific impact/actions/outcomes listed for the user when that happens and when it is effective. Sadly, the forum seems to indicate quite a few bugs/issues with residual notices, etc. In essence, I want to know that the deactivation now effectively removes them from auto-reminders, etc.and any communication whatsoever this point forward. My concern is they were active when event XYZ was created so they’ll be reminded when XYZ occurs even if it’s months from now post-deactivation. Make sense? Please advise.

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Hi @jkubon,

Deactivating a user puts them under Manage > Members > Deactivated Users. This means they will not receive any emails or be visible in other places on TroopTrack. You would use this if you wanted to keep their information safe and stored if they may come back some day but not want to include them in current events. If they will never be back and you don’t want them to receive contact, you may delete them, but this is not reversible.


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I think we will delete them when their membership year expires (@ our unit’s recharter time). At that point, their information remains at council and they officially fall off our Troop data.

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Deleting vs. deactivating: which is preferred if the user plans to transfer troops that may or may not have access to troop track? Does deactivating them remove all contact from our troop (i.e. no troop emails, event notices, etc)? Can they still log in to see/edit their records?

Would this be advisable if they will never be back to your troop & you don’t want them to have any contact with your troop? I assume this would also delete all their records as well where they would not be retrievable in the future?

Deactivating means they can no longer log in and will no longer receive emails.

Deleting vs. Deactivating is 100% up to you. I can tell you the consequences of each, but you will have to decide what the best policy is for your troop.

I have a scout who has moved out of the country, but should be back in two years. Should I deactivate them? Will I be able to pull their record back up in two years if I do that?

In this situation, you should deactivate them. Matt outlines the situations pretty well in his above posts - if there is any chance someone is coming back, deactivation is definitely the better option, since it is very easy for you to restore them when necessary but prevents them from getting inundated with troop emails and information in the interim.