Removing deactivated family from RSVP list

Hi @KelsieC,

We have a family that changed their mind about joining our troop at the last minute.

I had previously set up our recurring troop meetings, and set everyone’s RSVP to Yes, including this family’s. Their account was deactivated after they told us they weren’t coming back, but their names are still showing up on the RSVP st for all future recurring Troop Meetings (e.g., 10/18, 11/1, etc.). I am unable to remove them from the RSVP lists.

Can you remove them from all future meetings, or tell me how to do it? Thank you!
The mom’s name is Jennie B., and the daughter’s name is Rachel B.

I’m not a TT expert, but one way to accomplish this on your own is to reactivate them and manually remove from the invite in each event. Then be sure to deactivate them.

Once a user has been RSVP’d to something or marked as attended, we do not delete that record. I believe deleting them altogether might get rid of it, but that will also mean that they will get recreated (and need to be re-deactivated) the next time you merge with AHG Connect, if they are listed on there. If they are not on AHG Connect, you can try deleting them altogether and see if that works.