Detail CSV download timing out

I use the money book in TroopTrack and have a pivot table set up to analize the money book detail. Our data set is getting large enough that the detailed CSV download times out when trying to download the data set. Is there another way to get the detailed CSV data set? Or a way to only pull down the current year data? I do not see a way to sort the data on download. It seems to be all data with no filter options.

Hi @RichardDunn,

The Money book is sortable by a date range, and when downloading the CSV it will only pull from that date range if you search it. You can search the money book by date from the white boxes above the money book (red circles on the screenshot), or you can even search by category or by a certain account (highlighted in blue on the screenshot).

Perfect. Exactly what I need. Thank you so much for the help.