Discount for Early RSVP and Camperships

Early Bird Discount for Prompt RSVP

It will soon be time to start registering people for summer camp. This is kind of tricky due to the different dates/payment levels. We want to use TroopTrack, but we to be careful how we manage it.

We will need to get our first version roster and payments to the Council offices by mid-April to get the “early bird” rate.

We want to set up a TroopTrack Event to cost:
Before April 10: $395 per scout
April 10 or later: $445 per scout

If we provide partial or full financial assistance to a scout, we do not want their RSVP to appear any differently.

I believe the answer is to permit payment from a scout’s “Money Account”, which is a feature of TroopTrack that we are not using (anymore, after way too much confusion). This might be a chance to cautiously wade back into Money Accounts on a per-scout basis.


I think it would be extremely useful to be able to have multiple prices for the same event, depending on who the “person” is. I.e. one price for scouts, another for siblings, and another for adults. We wanted to do this a couple of times last year & couldn’t. Also, to be able to have “sub events” for an event , each with its own price. I.e. just camping for $A, camping with BB Game for $B, camping, BB game and food for $C. We didn’t seem to be able to do that either, unless each was a separate event, and then people got hit with 3x the fees if the had 3 people who each wanted a separate package. Is any of this possible, or do we just not know what we are doing?
Thanks, Alan Salls
Pack 384, Temecula, CA


I can totally see the use case for this.

Summer Camp - early bird registration, normal, late…

Arrowman Bash - full overnight program = $40, single day + food = $30, single day program = $20

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