Fee variations

We have an upcoming event where we want the following:

  • Adults are the standard price;
  • Scouts are “Free” because the pack is covering the cost;
  • Guests should pay the standard price;

However, if someone RSVPs with a youth guest, even though they’re not a scout, TroopTrack is offering them the $0 price because they’re a youth. edit: dboring has a much better idea for how to deal with this, below. Yes please.


I think we need a lot more flexibility in the fees. Here are a couple examples I am currently dealing with:

  • Tiger overnighter: $50 for Tiger; $50 for Adult Partner; $10 for additional adult; $15 for sibling
  • Baseball game: $18 if camping; $15 in not camping but still want a meal & patch; $9.50 if you just want a ticket to the game

There is currently no way to put the fees for these events in TroopTrack and connect it to the event.

I suggest looking at how PayPal Here does the item catalog. You can either set a fixed price per item (like we do when we sell popcorn) or set variations for the item, like we do for the Tiger overnighter. If we could type the variation name when setting up the event, that would be the most helpful since they will not always be the same thing from event to event; behind the scenes they can just be hidden variable names and the variation name would only be used for display on the web site and on any reports. I can’t think of any situation where I have needed more than 5 or 6 variations, other than sizes for pack t-shirts, and I’m not creating an event to sell pack t-shirts.


We’ve gotta fix an issue with cub scout awards first, that’s the number 1 issue right now, but we’ve discussed this in our meetings a few times. We’re looking at a super flexible fee structure that allows for down payments and even a shopping cart.

It’s good to hear two voices on this. Last time I tried to garner support for a troops stores idea (or something similar for events), I didn’t get a good support turnout.


Please add this ability. We need the ability to offer multiple prices on a monthly basis. I would love a troop store too, then we could sell class b uniform shirts right from the site.

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That would be awesome!

This is still on our lists and radar. A couple things we gotta do first, but I think this would be a great enhancement.


Please, please, please make this happen!!! This is one of my biggest struggles in trying to get events to be set up and totally use TT for RSVP’ing. Really need a super flexible fee structure. We sometimes charge per meal for campouts, and like stated above, frequently pay for our registered scouts, but not siblings (as we would go broke!)

Agreed with the above. We currently don’t use TT for any RSVP’s where payment is involved and instead default to spreadsheets. Like mentioned above, most of our events have multiple payment options. Some are based on the package level purchased, some are based on age, some are based on both, and some are based on category (adult, Scout adult, youth, Scout youth, etc). Having the ability to create any sort of item, for any sort of fixed cost (or even a variable cost) is important. Just look at how Square allows the creation of items and model the TT version after that. It can be super simple, with the description of the cost included in the item description - no need to separate anything by category like it is currently in TT. (youth vs adult vs guest). Examples: Youth Full Sleepover package. Adult Game Only Package. Scout Blue & Gold Banquet.

Couldn’t agree more - we could really use this feature!