Online Payment

The Online Payments feature allows you to easily set up how your online payments work.

  • You can now choose a default money account for event fees to post to.
  • You can choose to require payment to RSVP.
  • The settings page also includes information about the various payment providers we support or plan to support.

You can navigate there by going to Settings "⚙" > Online Payments.

Once there, you can then turn on the feature by clicking the button:

When you turn on the feature, you should see a screen like this:

Once here you can click any of the buttons to turn on the corresponding ability.

You can also set up the Default Money Account here:


This morning we added an important new feature: paying for event fees with credit cards. To turn on payment with credit cards, go to Settings "⚙" > Online Payments. Then do this:

  1. Click on the "Turn ON" button for allowing credit card payments.
  2. Click the "Change" button next to the Credit Card Provider setting.
  3. Choose "Stripe"
  4. Set up your Stripe account

I recommend you also require payment to RSVP. You can override it for specific events, but it will make it easier to collect payment for events because members won't be able to RSVP without paying. When you create a more expensive event (like summer camp or high adventure) you can turn it off for just that event on the advanced tab of the event form.

An important note about this feature, you will see two transactions for each payment in the account assigned to the event. The first will be a deposit for the total amount of the payment. The second will be a debit for the total amount of the credit card processing fees.





Is there any way to collect payment for something not related to a specific event.

For example, we would like to offer the option to pay for class B t-shirts online. How can we do this?

Or for individual girl badges/patches? Is there an invoice feature where we can invoice only specific parents?



We set up an event and collect the payments that way - even for t-shirts and stuff. To collect from specific people, just sent the invitations to them and leave off the others.

It’s not ideal, but it works.

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Is there a way to require specific users to pay before RSVP? We have a few families that consistently carry high balances and it takes a committee member hounding them to finally get them to pay a credit card payment.

If there is a way to require families with a balance of say over $100 to make a payment before reserving their next event, that would be extremely helpful!

I would appreciate any advice!

Hi @ChristineDull,

Right now this isn’t a feature. Correct me if I’m wrong, it sounds like you want to be able to force some users to pay their entire account balance before they can RSVP for an event.

If that’s correct, I would recommend moving this question to its own post under the “Ideas” category. Include a bit more explanation or a scenario where other TroopTrack users might find it helpful and we will put it on the todo list if we get some good feedback on it.


Is there a way to turn “off” the troop track fee from showing up in the paypal transaction? We want to pay it but include it in our own fee. (ie charge $30,TT would get the .25 and we would get 29.75) Thanks


Not yet, but this is on the todo list.

Thank you.

Would like to have a way to pay for all items of a scout family for event fees at one time instead of paying for each item seperately causing more fees than needed. I just signed us up to pay through Troop Track with stripe but many of our families have multiple scouts in our pack so that means multiple charges for certain events. What I mean is I guess we need a button at the bottom to “purchase tickets” from all family members who have rsvp’d instead of having to do it serperately for each rsvp


Is there a way to have a different fee for scouts versus other youth participating in an event? For example, we are taking a trip where the pack is paying for scouts, but siblings are able to attend at a cost of $10, and adults at a cost of $20. Currently it appears that the “youth cost” applies to the scout and any other youth guest…is there a way to differentiate?


Not at this time, but we are exploring options to make this available.

We really need this option too!!!

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Something like a “Shopping Cart” would be nice…an online store for things like events, shirts, ISA deposits…etc. Something where administrators can set the prices that include the transaction fees in the price.

Items ($8 shirt)

  • Pay with credit card on TT???
  • $8 + 3% transaction fee ($0.24) + $0.25 trooptrack fee
  • a “Buy Now” button the sends an item to a shopping cart priced at $8.49

Campout (Event Fee $20)

  • Pay with credit card on TT???
  • $20 + 3% transaction fee ($0.60) + $0.25 trooptrack fee
  • a “Buy Now” button the sends an item to a shopping cart priced at $20.85

I am in complete agreement to both being able to add a non-scout sibling at a different price AND most importantly to be able to pay one lump sum for say, a family of 4 to camp out.

Just finished paying for our upcoming campout and had 8 charges in under 5 minutes (TT fees + our scout campout fees per person) so that PayPal contacted me because they thought someone /robot was attempting to make repeat charges. VERY ANNOYING to log into PayPal 4 times. Most of our parents are difficult to get them to even pay once. This would also make the double charge (one by TT and one by our group) less irritating as it would only be two grand total charges.

Please move this to top priority in coming features, all the scout groups can only function if we can receive money easily from the parents. This is also how we can afford to pay to use TT. So in everyone’s best interest… Thank you!


We were doing our discovery for this and would like this as well.

We have a large troop and many adults go with parents OR scouts go with siblings.

Troop 146 endorses this feature request.

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I found a temporary workaround if Scouts are free and other Youth must pay. You can subtract the number of scouts from the number of other youths and enter that number in the Number of Youth Guests field. For example, if you RSVP’d for only 1 scout and no Youth guests, enter a -1 in the number of Youth guests. if you had 1 scout and 1 youth guest, enter 0, 2 youth guests and 1 scout, enter 1, etc.

It’s a little confusing, and you have to remember to add back the number of scouts for headcount purposes, so it’s certainly not ideal, but it is a workaround.

Dave, Thanks for this Post. I’ve set up online payment using Stripe, but the issue is how Stripe Reports deposits to our account…it just a general statement and amount…no description on who it’s for, what it is for etc. I investigated and Stripe says it can provide descriptions on deposit if the Description is provided during the Transaction. Will the Website be modified to include this some day soon?


Bumping up because this is very important for us. Our fundraising pays for all scouts but we need to be able to RSVP and pay for siblings separate from adults. The fee section on the event is Youth and Adult, but when you RSVP the categories are Scout, Other Youths, and Adults. These two things should match directly so your RSVPs line up with the event details.

Also, I am seeing that when people RSVP without paying, their total due is adding in the credit card fees. It should not do that unless they pay through TroopTrack. Otherwise if paying by check our externally the amount due should be the event fee without the service charge. Is this being addressed?


One way to allow different pricing for guests and scouts is to do this:

  1. Uncheck the box that allows guests. I know, that seems wrong, but bear with me.
  2. Add “Youth Guest Ticket” and “Adult Guest Ticket” as items you can buy associated with the event. Set the price and the total number of guests you can accommodate.

Now when members RSVP they will only be able to RSVP for themselves and their youth members, and will have to purchase tickets for their guests at whatever pricing you desire.


This is a great idea. I’m sorry I didn’t notice it sooner. I’m looking into it.

Is there a way to call out the items list in the RSVP? It is buried at the bottom.