DISCUSSING: Event Description Area

This area is so much more skinny than in the past. It squishes everything, especially photos. Could this be made wider? In any case, the bigger issue is that the field you enter the description does not match the width of the viewed description area. So after you format the area, it’s essentially trial and error going back and forth to get something that looks good with no squished photos or dangling text lines. Worst case if these two could be true WYSIWYG, that would be wonderful.

Hi @JustinWeaver. Would you mind posting a screenshot of how it looks for you please?


In the edit event page, you have a very large area to format a description. We try to not just throw stuff in there but to actually format it to be nicely aligned and pleasing to the eye because this content acts as a promo flyer, especially when the automated emails go out. So we spend some time to have good images and descriptions.

The problem is that area is not true. When the content gets published to the event page or even the emails, things are squished and text can be left dangling with a single word on a line.
Its not a true “What you see is what you get” text field.

It’s also worth noting, that it seems that past events have more room than upcoming events. So, the RSVP table on the right side seems to drive how wide the columns are.

Hi Justin,
This is a good example of one of the struggles of the web these days. People are on so many devices that screen sizes are all over the place. As a result, there’s no such thing as a true WYSIWYG editor anymore. I’m typing this on a 13" screen, but you might be reading it on a phone. It’s super hard to control exactly what everything looks like.

That said, I can see one thing I might be able to do - we might be able to change a default so that images are scaled proportionally instead of squished. I think that would help.

I can find a way to make the description field wider as well, but it won’t help with the problem of having so many different screen sizes these days.


That’s certainly true. I didn’t think about that. Apologies on my limited knowledge of web development. The proportional image scaler would help keep things looking decent.

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No need to apologize. I wish we could control the webs more!