Display format for Calendar Event?

Hi @Keener-Trooptrack ,

I feel like something changed recently. I used to be able to click on Calendar > (Event) > Details, and I would be able to see the Event Description and the list of invited participants at the same time (on my PC).

Now when I click on Event Details, I can only see the event description, even when I use the full width of the monitor:

Can you guys put the old view back? Right now, the list of participants is all the way at the bottom, after a whole bunch of info that I don’t need.

Thank you!

Just to follow up, with this event, I see the display the way I want to see it:

What am I doing differently?


Aha! I think it has to do with the length of the filename of the document that I attached in the description?

If that is the case, can you make it so that the filename wraps, instead of pushing the list of participants to the bottom of the screen?


Hi @mwestcott,

Event links text will now wrap rather than stay inline.


David Keener

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