Event Page Column Balance

We are having a really hard time formatting our event pages due to the wild unpredictability of the column widths. Depending on what is showing things can drastically change causing your formating under discription to do some weird things. Pictures are squashed, lines of text dangle, and some formatting options just don’t work as expected. The major issue comes when the pages change from “registration closed” to “registration open” to when the event has passed. Each of these milestones can wildly impact the column widths. I have attached two photos that show the difference between registration open and closed. Is there any way to gain some level of consistency?

Hi @JustinWeaver,

It looks like this is caused by the green RSVP registration button. Because it needs more room when it appears, the left column is squished in width a bit to make room for a wider right column.

What would you like to see happen? Do you have any ideas? I can definitely pass it along to our tech team to get an estimate of what it would take to get it done, depending on your suggestion.

However, because this is not a large bug that is impeding use of TroopTrack but rather a design preference it will not be largely prioritized.


I understand that this is a low priority (if even a priority at all). I would just hope that the columns stay the same width as much as possible through each milestone changes. I mean everything, including the images, are being manipulated. It would be better if added content, like the button, would be added in such a way that the columns lengthen over widen. The one section that I think needs to be as close to “WYSIWYG” is the description section.

It’s not a deal breaker for us, just really really annoying.