Discussion Areas?

We would like to move some of our Troop’s discussions from email to a forum, much like this.

Can TroopTrack turn on the feature for each Troop?

If not, can we have some integration with a tool like Basecamp so people don’t need to log in twice?


Hi @pwayner,

Thank you for this suggestion. This one has actually come up a few times and if we could get all those requesters in one place (like this post), it would be easier for us to gage the general acceptance and usefulness of the feature.

This forum is a service we are paying for, so I’m not sure what the logistics would be like for incorporating it into each troop account, but it’s definitely an idea I’d like to explore more.

Thanks for requesting this! Let’s see what the community says!

It would be helpful to have threaded discussions for event planning. This might be done by just adding a threaded comment section to any potential event and allowing events to be created without set dates. This could also be useful for adding extra fields that aren’t covered by the basic settings. FOr instance, we often create a rain plan before events and it would be nice if this was in a standard spot.

It would also be nice to limit conversations to adults only and maybe patrols only. I don’t know if scouts-only is really necessary although I’m sure they would love the power.

A message board is something that would be really helpful for our troop. The site we used for communication in the past was mostly message board style so some of our leaders are having a hard time communicating and are worried Information is not getting past on efficiently. I know it will take time to adjust to a new site but a message board would be really helpful for planning.

Agree that this would be very helpful. Right now I’ve been looking into creating something totally separate for forums, but it would be ideal if everything was integrated with TroopTrack and lived in the same place.

I believe this is something that would be a great benefit to MANY units!
Is there any way to integrate a forum like Simple Machines Forum into the current website?

Has there been any progress in delivering these fora to the individual troops? I think many would benefit from it and our troop really needs it.

I added another note to the ticket about this request.

Thank you.

We would really get a great deal of use out of forums for our troop as well. It wouldn’t clutter up peoples inboxes and would mean that past conversations could be revisited.

I’m just bumping this again. It’s something we really want, more than any other feature.

We’re using Slack heavily at my office and I think more people are understanding just how useful this can be to organizing people. We have real problems when people start email chains and use either old emails or forget to include people. Having central discussion groups would be really nice and it should be integrated with Troop Track so people don’t need to log in twice to different systems.