Calendar views need improvement

Our Troop is a new subscriber to Troop Track. Previously we used a similar product and I am noticing several shortcomings in Troop Track which are opportunities for improvement. This is the first of my requests.
Below is a picture of your calendar view, compared to same view in the program we used to use. Both are filled in with our February events,
You need to make it so the text of an event wraps and the week “row” adjusts in size so we can see all the information.


I would agree. Can the calendar page be made responsive so that it scales to the monitor size? Currently, it seems to be in a frame that if it would scale to fit the screen would allow for more viewing area. Also, the pop-up that displays is a little redundant since most if not all of the options are on the details page. Removing the pop-up and just taking users into the details page would save time and clicking. Any options could be added to that page.


Has there been any progress on making this improvement???