Documentation for SAR usage

Is there any documentation yet for how to map some of the scout related processes and terminology for SAR use? For example, are all members entered as adult leaders, and are search missions entered as events.

I have not seen anything like this, but I’d rather see TroopTrack modify these by removing references to Scouts and change them to relevant SAR terminology.


I agree… If they do go to a more SAR version for us, We don’t need youth and adult. The subgroups I have set up are Admin Officers, Board, Members, Probationary Members, and Support Group. They are all adults.

oh yeah… and K9 Team also.

I think it makes sense to create an option for disabling youth membership. @mlsully2002 can you put it on our to-do list?

If I see signs that there is agreement on the subgroups you use we will set up defaults for those.

I totally agree. Please submit specific changes, along with recommendations for what they should be changed to.

I need to add a couple of Event Types if possible:


Also, would it be possible to add a notes section to the participation entry?

Our group does not need youth membership and I would like to be able to disable it as well…

In response to Dave’s question about what youth and adult should be changed to… I think if anything, we need Member, Probationary, Lifetime. I think the rest can be handled with subgroups for us. What are your thoughts Jim?

Actually… looking at it again, maybe instead of member and probationary, COQ and Non-COQ, since probationary can be a subgroup and they can be either of those 2.

Actually, I didn’t think we needed youth either, but after further investigation, we do accept youth and they must be accompanied by an adult. So at this point, I think TSAR can keep it. That said, it should probably be an option to turn off instead of turning off universally. I think things like Member, Probationary, Lifetime, COQ, etc. should be sub-groups.