Discussion about event privileges vs members adding personal outside training

After speaking with Matt… we need to get feedback from other SAR groups about a potential default change.

In order for a member to enter outside training on their participation tab, currently we have to give them privileges to manage events, which also allows them to add, edit, or delete events on the calendar. For BDSAR, we’d prefer to keep those privileges within the board. The downside is, one of the board has to enter all of that information for each member separately.

However, Matt says that our group (SAR) can be set to default to where members can enter outside training to their participation tab without giving them the extra privileges. He says he just needs to get input from the other SAR users. Please chime in here. Thanks.

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Matt, can’t this be a checkbox in Manage->Settings->Troop Settings similar to turning on/off ability to collect SSN’s? I think this is a good option, but some groups may not want members to have that privilege. But if TroopTrack can’t make this a “privilege” (preferred option), can’t it make it a Setting that each group can turn on/off instead of making it a default?

I agree that this would be a good solution as well if it can’t be a privilege.

So this has been on the table for the past few months. We had an implementation developed, but didn’t like it.

We just released a new privilege “Manage Own Outside Participation” and that should do what you want it to. Please test it out and let me know if we need to make adjustments to it.

We’re also talking about adding notes to events when you record progress.

Thanks and sorry for the delay.