DONE: WYSIWYG Editor upgrade

I’m trying to update the WYSIWYG editor we use throughout the site to the latest version. It’s working in dev, but it broke things previously when I deployed it. SO… if you see the WYSIWYG editor looking crazy at some point today, don’t stress. I’ll put it back.


Welp, the upgrade worked eventually. You should be able to try out the new version now.

I’m excited to have an updated editor. But, can the Froala logo be significantly reduced in size. It overwhelms the whole page.

Can you post a screenshot @jjeffery?

@jjeffery - I think the css for the old editor is cached in your browser. Try doing a hard refresh and let me know what happens. You normally do that by holding down the shift key and clicking refresh.

I couldn’t find the refresh function, so I went into Chrome Settings and cleared browsing data (probably cleared more than I needed to) and it fixed the problem. Thank you!

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