FIXED: Latest update messed up the message field on E-Mail function inside the Communicate menu

Your latest update messed up the message body field in the E-mail function.

It’s shrinked down to a small square and the style toolbar is not visible anymore. It’s very difficult to send messages that way.

Can you repair it please?

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I am having the same problem! The email function is also compacting all emails with no spacing, making the email very hard to read when sent. Please fix ASAP.

What happened to the email message function???

How do I get the warm feeling that I selected who I wanted?
The original member selection was better when you could type in the names.

Where are the text formatting options?

Why is this window so darn small and I have to enlarge it myself?

I love how the formatting options are still available for this forum.

Can we please put it back?

Thank you.

Yes! We are having the same issue. It started with a handful of people having the problem and seems to have spread troop wide. It seems to have started on Thursday or Friday. At the same time, TT seemed to really slow down as well.

Hello everyone,

Our support staff was able to replicate the bug you are all experiencing. Thanks for pointing it out to us. It is indeed a bug that has to do with the editor functionality.

We sent this over to our development team Sunday evening when we found out about it. As no one is on staff over the weekend minimal hours were given to fixing the problem on Sunday. This morning (Monday morning) the tech staff said they are now actively working on it again.

Unfortunately there is no work around and this will need to be completely fixed. I will be sure to update everyone you as we get closer to a solution and as there is a more defined timeline for the complete fix. Thanks for your patience.


@Tyler - Thanks for letting us know!

Hello everyone!

The fix is close. Thanks again for waiting. Members of our development team are doing a handful of additional internal tests before we update the live website. The TroopTrack editor on the site should be updated and back to normal before EOD today.


Hello everyone,

I would like to update everyone on this thread and let you know that the text editor has been fixed and has returned to normal functionality.

Please reach out if you are experiencing any problems with this. Feel free to contact our support email.