Don't reply to helpdesk emails and two other changes (12/03/2015)

This morning we pushed a number of updates, one of which is an important change to our customer support process.
1) The mailing list confirmation email listed recipients multiple times. This is now fixed. It was not causing recipients to receive multiple emails.
2) Event emails now include the date the signed permission form is due.
3) Help desk emails have been changed so that replies to automated emails no longer go to our staff.
THIS IS IMPORTANT! When our staff makes a comment on a help desk ticket, you get an email. That email was set up so that if you replied it went to our staff member directly. This was causing serious problems on our side because it took the customer support process out of our help desk and made it very difficult to track.
This no longer works - replies to these emails will go nowhere. PLEASE USE THE HELPDESK INSTEAD.
Some of you may find this frustrating. We understand. Please be patient with us and understand that this is a short term solution. In the long term we will add the ability to update tickets directly via email.
Have a great day!