Support process updates and more (09/25/2015)

A couple of minor changes this morning:
1) We fixed a bug that prevented you from viewing the profiles of deactivated users
2) We now show you the ID of your support requests on the "All my requests page".
3) Automated messages from the help desk now include a count of the number of support requests with the same status so you can have a sense of where you are in line.

We have also been working to improve our support processes so that we escalate the critical issues as quickly as possible. There has been some confusion about "escalated" support requests. The word escalated suggests that it is critical and needs fixed now, but we were using it to mean "needs developer review". We've now added a "needs review" status and from now on "escalated" means "HOLY COW THE BARN IS ON FIRE PLEASE GET THE WATER". As of this morning, if your ticket gets escalated it is in our highest priority queue. Tickets that were escalated before this morning have been updated to have a status of "Needs Review".

We are always working to make our customer support processes better. We think this is a step in the right direction.